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At this time, campus wide installation of 64-bit operating systems is imminent.

For Windows compatible laptops:

Any 32-bit version of the following Windows 7 Operating Systems are acceptable: 

  • Windows Home Premium 
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 
  • Windows 7 Professional

Because School of Architecture required application software for design studio courses is graphics intensive, a 64-bit operating system is preferred. In all probability, 64-bit operating systems will be the industry standard in the near future.

Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise application software is required.  This suite includes word processing, spread sheet, database, and “PowerPoint” applications.

The University of Texas at Arlington Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers limited support for Apple Products. Please check with the OIT Helpdesk located on the ground floor of the Central Library for the latest information on campus wide compatibility with Apple products. 

In the past, only Apple “MacBook Pro” laptops with the latest Apple operating system installed have been compatible. 

Before you complete the purchase of your laptop, be sure that the computer you do choose has the correct (and latest) operating system version installed.  

Please review question 12. "Is it possible to purchase software on campus?" in Section X. Frequently Asked Questionssection of this guide for additional information about the student discount priced versions of “Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade” operating system and “Microsoft Office Enterprise 2010” below.

Consult the syllabus for any course you plan to enroll in before purchasing any of the software listed below.