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The Lockheed Martin Career Development CenterThe Lockheed Martin Career Development Center

The University of Texas at Arlington Division of Student Affairs

Career Consulting

Whether you are having trouble choosing a major, figuring out what kind of job you want, are interested in learning more about your personal and professional interests, or wondering how to communicate all of your experiences, skills, and passions to your network, career consultants are here to help! We can help you create an effective career plan, develop and enhance your professional presence, and bridge the gap between your life at UTA and your future!

An effective career planning process should involve:

Discussing Your Career Options

We help you identify career options based on your interests, personality, values, and skills as well as other unique factors as we meet with you on an individual basis.

Exploring Career Options

Once you have identified career options, you can find out more by conducting further research online using career exploration websites, conducting informational interviews, networking, and participating in other experiential learning opportunities. Discuss these options with your career consultant so that we can help you identify which resources would work best!

Setting Goals and Taking Action

We encourage you to set goals and then take action to pursue those goals. You may decide to apply for your first job, seek further education, enhance your skills, make changes in your current job, or seek a new career altogether. Your career consultant can help you in preparing for a job search, networking, writing your resume, and practicing for interviews.