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The Lockheed Martin Career Development CenterThe Lockheed Martin Career Development Center

The University of Texas at Arlington Division of Student Affairs

Career Development Center Programs

Workshops & Résumé Critiques

Throughout the year the Lockheed Martin Career Development Center offers workshops designed to help you better prepare for your job search. These workshops can include such topics as “A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting the Job” and “Selling Me to Employers”.

In addition, we offer you the chance to have your résumé critiqued by both Career Consultants and employers at certain times each semester.  Learn more about upcoming programs on Facebook, Twitter, or our calendar of upcoming events.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great opportunity to connect with employers from a variety of organizations and industries.  Your primary goal should be to obtain information on companies that interest you and to learn how to effectively get your foot in the door when you are ready to obtain a job or internship.  Job fairs can result in job opportunities down the line, but remember that this is only the first step in the process!

The UTA Career Development Center organizes two (2) all-majors job fairs on campus every year (one in the Spring semester and one in the Fall semester). We typically have over 150 employers across multiple industries in attendance. NO RSVP is required to attend the job fairs; however, they are only open to currently enrolled UT Arlington students and alumni (graduates of the University).


Date:  Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
Time:  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location:  Maverick Activities Center, Gym –
500 W. Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX 76019

Over 150 employers expected to attend! 

No RSVP required.  Wear a suit and bring several copies of your resume!

A list of attending employers will be added during the spring semester.

Please note only UTA students (currently enrolled) or alumni of UTA will be allowed into the Job Fair.

Main Point of Contact:  Carol Kumm, Assistant Director of Project Management, 817-272-1898 /

Preparing for a Job Fair

Job Fairs can be overwhelming, but they can also provide valuable opportunities for you to grow your network and learn more about available jobs in your field.  Properly preparing for a Job Fair is vital to your Job Fair Networking success!


  • DO YOUR RESEARCH—Make sure you know where to go and what to wear.  Bring your résumé and know which companies are going to be there. Remember to keep an open mind!  By researching companies you might not automatically associate with your career field, you might find relevant and exciting career opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise known about!  A list of attending employers and job fair guide will be made available on our website prior to each semester’s job fair. 
  • IDENTIFY YOUR TARGETS—It isn’t necessary for you to visit every single employer booth at the job fair.  Focus on the employers that best fit your career goals.
  • PREPARE YOUR “30 SECOND COMMERCIAL—Your introduction should grab the employer’s attention and help them to remember you.  Prepare and practice your pitch before the job fair so that you sound confident when introducing yourself to employers. (30-Second Commercial)


  • FOCUS—There are a lot of distractions at a job fair.  Make an effort to focus on the conversation that you are having at the moment, not on who is next on your list or the conversations that are happening around you.
  • Be professional and polite—Remember that the employer’s time is valuable and there are lots of candidates waiting to speak to them.  Don’t monopolize anyone’s time and watch their nonverbal cues to know when it’s time to end the conversation.  Remember to shake hands, smile, and make eye contact and express appreciation for the opportunity to speak with them
  • Use your time well—By focusing your conversation on the things you want to learn more about (i.e. things you discovered during your research) and how your skills, experience, and career goals will be a good fit for their organization, you will have a much more productive meeting that may lead to future contacts with that employer!
  • Ask the recruiter for next steps—You don’t want your relationship to end at the Job Fair!  Find out what you should do next, whether it be applying on line or following up via email.  Asking for the next step shows your interest in keeping things moving forward and ensures that you’ll know exactly what the employer’s expectations are.


  • FOLLOW UP SOON-- Send a thank-you note or email, apply online, or send your résumé to the appropriate contact.
  • Undertake next steps—Don’t wait too long to undertake the next steps discussed at the job fair.  Remember that the employer is meeting lots of students and may be going to more than one job fair in the area.

Tips & Tricks for Surviving the Job Fair:

* This Job Fair is open to UTA students and alumni only.

* No RSVP required, just bring your MavID!

* If you have any questions, please call us at 817-272-2932  or email