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Dr. Joohi Lee

Associate Professor
Elementary Math Education
College of Education

UT Arlington Faculty

Joohi Lee, Ph. D. is an Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Dr. Lee graduated from the Indiana State University with a Ph. D. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a emphasis of Early Mathematics. She has strong research and professional expertise in Early and Elementary Mathematics Education associated with teacher education in relation to children’s math proficiency. She also has conducted extensive research on efficacy by evaluating various types of child care centers, early childhood programs, and teacher education programs. 

Service Learning Class

ELED 4311-Teaching Mathematics in Early and Elementary Education

NCTM’s 6 principles to implement high quality mathematics in early and elementary education; Emphasis on developing and promoting children’s mathematical process skills (problem solving, reasoning & proof, representation, connection, and communication) and content knowledge (number & operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis & probability);  Development math lesson plans in a developmentally appropriate manner including appropriate objectives, materials, activities, assessment, and lesson modifications. Course will also address the instructional needs and appropriate assessment of all students in inclusive, multicultural & multilingual, and ESL classrooms for this content area. Field-based experiences required - One full day per week on elementary campus.) Prerequisite: EDUC 4316, ELED 4313, 4317, 4321, EDTC 4301 and BEEP 4306. Taken concurrently with ELED 4312, ELED 4314 and BEEP 4384.

Academic Outcomes

This course is developed to help elementary school teacher candidates understand developmentally appropriate practice in teaching mathematics. By completing this course, expected learning outcomes are as follows:

  • Being able to identify and implement effective teaching strategies that contribute to constructivist teaching practices.
  • Being able to effectively promote children’s problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning.
  • Being able to design, develop, and implement mathematics lessons for young children based on their needs aligned with standard requirements (National & State).
  • Being able to identify mathematics content expected for children at specific grade level(s).
  • Being able to design and implement a rich math environment that promotes children’s mathematics concepts.

Service Learning Project

Math lesson plan and modifications


Students will develop a math lesson plan and modify the lesson for ELLs and children with special needs.

Students will implement a math lesson plan. 

Students will write a service learning pedagogy reflection paper to show what they learned from the modification of lesson planning and implementation.

Teams and responsibilities:

Students will be responsible for planning a math lesson, for modifying a math lesson for ELLs and children with special needs, and for implementing a math lesson. After implementing the math lesson with modifications, students are responsible for writing a two-page pedagogy reflection.

Partner: Arlington Independent School District

Product/Result: Lesson plan with modifications and service learning pedagogy reflection