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Richard B. Timmons

Richard B. Timmons

Emeritus Professor

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The major focus of our laboratory, for the past 15 years, has been development and application of technology to provide molecular surface tailoring of materials. For this purpose, we employ plasma enhanced chemical vapor depositions to deposit conformal, thin film coatings on a wide variety of substrates. In particular, we have developed a variable duty cycle pulsed plasma technique which provides exceptional control of chemistry during plasma polymerization depositions of thin films. This film chemistry controllability permits variation and adjustment of the surface energies of virtually any solid substrate. Additionally, our technological provides an unusually simple and versatile approach to introduction of a wide range of surface chemical functionalities. These functional groups can subsequently be employed for attachment of target compounds, thus creating 3-dimensional molecularly designed surfaces. Recently, we have extended this gas phase surface modification technology to include precise surface tailoring of fine powders, including particles as small as 20 nanometers. We are currently involved in evaluation of our molecular tailoring capability, with a major emphasis on a variety of nanotechnology applications. Among these studies are synthesis of new materials which focus on achieving improved dispersion and bonding of inorganic nanoparticles in organic matrices, to provide improved electrical and thermal properties for these interesting new nanocomposites.

We are also studying several new approaches involving molecularly tailored nanoparticles and other materials for use in drug delivery and antimicrobial coatings, as well as a variety of additional biomaterials and catalytic applications.

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B.S. St. Francis Xavier University (1958) 

Ph.D. The Catholic University of America (1962)

Postdoctoral Fellow:
Brookhaven National Laboratory (1962-1964)

Appointed Distinguished University Professor and Member of the UTA Academy of scholars (2007)


Distinguished Record of Faculty Research Award, University of Texas at Arlington, 2001

W.T. Doherty Research Award, American Chemical Society (North Texas Section), 2000

Chancellor’s (formerly AMOCO) Outstanding Teacher Award
     — The University of Texas at Arlington, 1983

Outstanding Faculty Research Award — Catholic University of America, 1975

Senior Faculty Research Fellowship — NIH Heart and Lung Institute, Bethesda, MD. 1971-72.

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