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Spring 2020

Dr. He Dong

W. A. Baker
Chemistry Research Building
Room 114

All seminars are at 3:00 pm on Fridays unless otherwise noted

Refreshments will be served in Room 112 CRB at 2:45 pm

January 24
Professor Kristin Hutchins
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Texas Tech University

“Dynamic Molecular Motion, Phase Transitions, and Thermal Expansion Properties of Organic Crystals”

Host: Dr. Frederick MacDonnell

January 31
Professor Donald E. Elmore
Department of Chemistry
Wellesley College

“Characterization and Design of Histone-Derived Antimicrobial Peptides”

Host: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters

February 3 (Monday) SH 100

Professor Dorota Gryko
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences

“Photoredox Catalysis with Porphyrins”

Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

February 7
Professor Seongmin Lee
College of Natural Sciences
University of Texas at Austin

"8-Oxoadenine: A Long-Neglected DNA Lesion"

Host: Dr. Kwangho Nam

February 14
Professor Alex Weiss
Department of Physics
University of Texas at Arlington

“Using Antimatter to Study the Chemistry of Surfaces”

Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

February 21
Professor Xiankai Sun
Department of Radiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Towards Molecular Imaging of Kidney Cancer”

Host: Dr. He Dong

February 28
Professor Karen Draths
Department of Chemistry
Michigan State University

“Exploration of Biological and Chemical Catalysis for Transformation of Methane and Carbon Dioxide into Commodity Chemicals”

Host: Dr. Junha Jeon

March 6
Professor Masoud Agah
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Virginia Tech

“Two-Decade Residency at the Crossroad of Microsystems Engineering and Analytical Chemistry”

Host: Dr. Purnendu Dasgupta

March 11 (Wednesday)
Professor Peter Wipf
Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburg

“Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Ergot Alkaloids”
Host: Dr. Carl Lovely

March 13


March 20
Professor Richard McCreery
Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta

"Molecules in Circuits: A New Breed of Electronics?"

Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

March 27


April 3
Professor Jin Kun Cha
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Wayne State University/NSF

“Organic Synthesis Driven by Release of Ring Strain"

Host: Dr. Junha Jeon

April 10
Professor Keary Engle
Department of Chemistry
Scripps Research Institute

"Universal Alkene Functionalization as an Aspirational Driver"

Host: Chemistry Graduate Student Association

April 17
Professor Pengyu Ren
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

“Intermolecular Forces in Molecular Recognition”

Host: Dr. Kwangho Nam

April 24
Professor Elyssia Gallagher
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Baylor University

“Pushing the Boundaries of H/D Exchange-Mass Spectrometry to Analyze Glycans”

Host: Dr. Saiful Chowdhury

May 1
Professor Bing Xu
Department of Chemistry
Brandeis University

"Enzymatic Noncovalent Synthesis (ENS) for Supramolecular Biomaterials"

Host: Dr. He Dong