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Fall 2019

Coordinator:  Dr. Robin Macaluso

 All Seminars meet in 114 CRB at 3pm, unless otherwise noted.  Coffee and cookies are available in 112 CRB 30 minutes before seminar start.


August 30

Dr. Thomas Strom
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Texas at Arlington
Host: Dr. Robin Macaluso

“The Deserving Dozen. Twelve Women and Men Who Should Have Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, but Didn't!”


September 6

Professor Jeffery L. Coffer
Department of Chemistry
Texas Christian University
Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

"Silicon Nanotubes for Potential Therapeutic and Energy-Relevant Applications"

September 13

Professor Kami Hull
Department of Chemistry
University of Texas at Austin
Host: Chemistry Graduate Student Association

“Development of Transition Metal-Catalyzed Amination Reactions”

September 20

Professor Bart Bartlett
Department of Chemistry
University of Michigan
Host: Dr. Robin Macaluso

"The Role of Nitrate Ion in Catalyzing Alcohol Oxidations: Toward Biomass Valorization"

September 2

Professor Sherri McFarland
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Texas at Arlington
Host: Dr. Fred MacDonnell

“Adventures in Photomedicine
Part 1. Metallodrug Photosensitizers for Treating Cancer with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Part 2. Natural Product Extracts for Mitigating Oral Biofilm Through Photodynamic Inactivation (PDI)”

October 4

Professor David Cliffel
Department of Chemistry
Vanderbilt University
Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

“Electrochemically Instrumenting Organs on a Chip”

October 11


October 18

Professor Jin Kyoon Park
Department of Chemistry
Pusan National University
Host: Dr. Junha Jeon

"Selective Organic Tranformations Using Ynamides and Allenamides for Their Useful Applications”

October 25

Professor H. Lee Woodcock
Department of Chemistry
University of South Florida
Host: Dr. Kwangho Nam

“PETase: Engineering and Characterization of a Plastic "Eating" Enzyme”

November 1

Professor Joseph P. Sadighi
School of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology
Host: Dr. Rasika Dias

“Bonding and Reactivity in Low-Coordinate Copper and Nickel Complexes”

November 8

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis
Department of Chemistry
Northwestern University
Host: Dr. Robin Macaluso

“Poor Man’s High Performance Semiconductors: The Amazing Perovskites”

*-The Crandell Lecture is a special seminar named for Steve Crandell, an alumnus and supporter of the Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

November 15

Professor James Nowick
Department of Chemistry
University of California, Irvine
Host: Dr. He Dong

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Amyloid Diseases with Macrocyclic β-Sheet Peptides”

November 22

Professor Raja Ghosh
Department of Chemical Engineering
McMaster University
Host: Dr. Purnendu Dasgupta

"Fast, High-Resolution Protein Separation Using Unconventional Membrane Devices"