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Titration as an Analytical Method: Determining the Acid Content in Vinegar

This video was very helpful. He explains the titration process very well. 
He also shows comparisons of what you should see (light pink) while doing the 
titration and what you shouldn't get, which is the dark pink solution. 
It was a short, detailed well explained video. The fluency, pace and clarity 
of his explanation was very helpful. This was not a very creative video, 
it was quite basic but I cared mostly about the information which was very good.             
I would rate this video an 8. Although it was not creative, his explanation 
and the experiment he conducted were done accurately and it helped me get a 
much better understanding of the lab. I would recommend this video to other 
students in general chemistry.
- J.

This was an average tutorial, I wish this individual knew what she was 
going to do in the experiment and what it was really about, rather than 
just reading it which caused her explanation to be choppy and a bit 
confusing. However, I liked the visuals of the titration setup; it was 
helpful. I liked the comparison of going over the endpoint and reaching 
the endpoint at the right time, as well as the change in appearance in 
both instances. Also at the end of the video, there was a summary of the 
procedure, a more condensed version of the procedure which I found to be helpful.
I would rate this video a 6. Also the procedure was great, her explanation 
wasn't so clear. The visuals, sound and editing of the video were done well. 
Also, I would recommend this video to another student because it is a good 
tutorial of the actual lab experiment. She speaks a bit fast, but due to the 
time limit, I can see that she focuses on the experiment more. Overall, this 
tutorial helped me understand the process of titration. 

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