Why Minor in Mexican American & Latina/o Studies?

The rapidly changing demographics of the United States make knowledge of Latino culture a vital asset for any college graduate today. The minor in Mexican American & Latina/o Studies is a dynamic and interdisciplinary program that offers a strong complement to any undergraduate major, and is especially practical for students majoring in Liberal Arts, Education, Business, Social Work, and Nursing. Through research, teaching and service, the MALS minor enables the student to explore issues that are critical to understand the Mexican American and Latina/o experience. In addition, as private and government employers are increasingly requiring professionals with intercultural and international competence, the MALS minor provides the student a unique opportunity to be prepared for the challenges of a competitive global society . Minoring in MALS can help you better prepare to work and live in a society in which Latinos continue to become visible neighbors, fellow citizens, clients and co-workers. Besides learning about Latino culture, you will also be awarded a MALS Certification after program completion.

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A Mexican American & Latina/o Studies Minor consists of a total of 18 credit hours: one required, two core courses, and three electives.

Please consult with your major department or program before filling out a degree plan for the MALS minor at CMAS.


  • Qualify for our annual Manuel Gamio & Brandenburg MALS Scholarships.
  • Gain work experience with our unique internship opportunities.
  • Strengthen your leadership capabilities.
  • Engage in great community service and research opportunities.
  • Obtain valuable intercultural and international competence.
  • Network with students of similar interests.
  • Develop and strengthen important skills in research, analysis, and writing.


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