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Explore the Biology of Learning

Imagine participating in a program that could change the face of education while advancing your career.  Mind, Brain and Education (MBE)– an emerging field exploring the neurobiological and psychological activity of learning– does just that by helping educators and potential researchers understand the internal factors involved in the learning process.

The Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education provides a forum for educators, policymakers, and researchers in the cognitive and developmental sciences to discuss, critique, and examine educational research and theories. Practical experience plays a role in defining promising research directions.

What is Mind, Brain and Education?

Mind, Brain and Education seeks to advance the quality of teaching based upon insights gained from the cognitive and neural sciences as well as to contribute to research in this new and evolving field.  The field focuses on building and supporting collaborative partnerships that ensure a reciprocal relationship where practice informs research and research informs practice.

Master of Education in Mind, Brain and Education

The master’s degree in Mind, Brain and Education is designed for anyone interested in connecting cognition, neuroscience and educational practice in traditional and non-traditional learning environments.  The potential in MBE provides opportunity and insight for all, as well as a powerful framework for developing useable knowledge.

Who Should Apply?

  • Teachers K-16
  • School Counselors
  • School Administrators
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Child Development Specialists
  • Museum Specialists