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Kayley Carsey, Student Ambassador

Hometown: My two brothers and I were raised in Colleyville, Texas by our mom and dad.
Area of Certification and Year: 
I am a Junior in the Middle Level (4-8) program at The University of Texas at Arlington. I will be specializing in math and science with hopes to teach eighth grade math after graduation.

What are your plans after you graduate? 

After my first year of teaching is over I plan to begin the masters program here at UTA, not sure which program I am interested in yet. My long term goal in education is to play a part in bettering the educational system, whether it be nationwide, state wide, or just locally.

Why did you choose to attend UTA?

I chose to come to UTA because it’s local and they have an excellent teacher preparation program. Just a fun fact, both of my parents attended UTA at some point in their lives; however, I was unaware of that until I told them I had been admitted. My favorite thing about the mid-level program is the fact that we are put into a classroom the first semester of our junior year. Our senior year, we start back at our placement schools when our placement teacher goes back to school. This really helps prepare you for absolutely everything going into your first year of teaching once you graduate. All of this makes you feel confident in your field and aware of all the things other alternative certificate programs don't prepare you for.

What activities do you participate in outside of class?

Outside of class I participate in three of the four organizations the College of Education offers. I am President of Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President of the Collegiate Middle Level Association, and I am one of the Student Ambassadors. I enjoy participating in all of these activities because I felt that I didn’t get the full university experience because I didn’t go straight to a four year university. I want to get the most out of the experience while I finish my degree here at UTA. However, the people I met at Tarrant County College have helped solidify my decision to teach math.

Who is your favorite professor? Why?

My favorite professor, Nena Kabranski, teaches pre-calculus at TCC Southeast campus. She was the most memorable professor because of her passion for the field of math. Her knowledge flowed out in such humble ways that make learning from her intriguing and she made sure everyone of her students knew she was there for them for whatever they needed because she cared for them with all of her heart. I aspire to have the same passion she has towards my students and teaching math.

What is the one you thing you think a prospective Education student should know?

To a perspective COEd student I would say to keep whatever brought you to your decision of becoming a teacher close to your heart and fresh in your mind at all times. The journey through college is not the easiest but the most rewarding self-accomplishment. Remembering what you are doing all of this for and why you put in so much effort is the best form a self-motivation one could have throughout their college career.