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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course which requires 'department consent'?

You may request clearance to register for courses which require department consent by submitting an online Clearance Request Form.

Who is my advisor?

Please visit the advisor contact page.

How do I request a review of transfer coursework?

Download the Transfer of Graduate Credit Form. This form must be signed by your program director and then sent to the Office of Graduate Studies for final approval.

How do I drop a course or withdraw from the university?

Students can drop courses on their own in MyMav until the end of late registration (unless completely withdrawing). After late registration, students must have an advisor drop the course(s) for them. You must download a drop or withdrawal form and submit it to the advising office.

How and when do I apply for the Student Teaching (student teaching)?

Consult with your program director to determine if you are ready to take the Student Teaching course. If you are ready, you will apply for your field placement through the Office of Professional Development. Applications for fall placement are accepted between September 1 - October 1. Applications for spring placement are accepted between January 2 - March 1.

I have a job offer. How do I request a status letter?

You may request a status letter here.

Once I have completed certification requirements, how do I obtain my certification?

Please view this page for information regarding certification: applying to SBEC.

How and when do I apply to graduate?

You will apply to graduate online. You can view deadlines in the Graduate Calendar found on the Office of Records page.