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Secondary and All-Level FAQs

How do I obtain Secondary or All-Level Certification?

You will major in the subject you wish to teach. You can view the certification areas we offer at the undergraduate level on the Undergraduate Certification Areas page. When you are close to completing the course requirements for your major, you will begin taking Education coursework. The number of hours of Education coursework will vary depending on your certification area. In your final semester or two before graduating you will complete your field experience requirements and take your certification exams.

What certification areas do you offer?

You can view our certification areas here.

Where should I start?

You must first apply to The University of Texas at Arlington; you can check the Admissions website for more information. Once you are admitted, you should make an appointment with your content advisor. That advisor will be able to provide you a degree plan and let you know what courses you have remaining for that degree. Once you are close to completing those course requirements, you should make an appointment with an Education advisor.

What requirements must I meet before I can take Education courses?

You can review Education program admission requirements here: admission requirements.

What should I do before I meet with a Education advisor?

Before meeting with an Education advisor, you should:

  1. be aware of your GPA; and
  2. make sure the Office of Records has your most current official transcripts.

Completing these things will make advising and clearance much smoother.

How do I get clearance for Education courses?

You must contact a College of Education advisor for clearance for Education courses. We typically require that you make an appointment, though in certain situations it is possible to e-mail for clearance. Please check the clearance page for current clearance information.

When do I need to apply for Field Experience?

Applications must be submitted to the Office of Office of Educational Field Experiences. Applications for field experience will be accepted during the month of February for Fall placement and October for Spring placement. Exact dates will be given each semester. All questions regarding field placement should be directed to the Office of Professional Development at For more information, please visit the Office of Professional Development webpage.

Additionally, you must have your content advisor complete an Field Experience Approval Form before you can be cleared for Field Experience courses.

Once I am through with the program, how do I obtain my certification?

Please view this page for information regarding certification: applying to SBEC.