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Center for Bilingual and ESL Education

GO Centers

The GO Centers and our G-Force mentors are an integral part of the work we do at the Center for Bilingual and ESL Education! The GO Centers are dedicated spaces at the high schools where high school students and our G-Force mentors work collaboratively throughout the year. Each GO Center we are manning has at least 10 computers, several desks and tons of materials.

Our G-Force mentors, on the other hand, are all UTA students. These students undergo continuous training to work with the students we are serving at the high schools. Some of the activities these G-Force mentors do at the high school schools include providing students with information regarding career options available to them, helping them fill out financial aid applications, and searching for scholarship opportunities, among others. These G-Force mentors are truly committed to helping us achieve our goals and the goals of the College for All Texans Campaign and the Closing the Gaps by 2015 initiative.