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Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education

About the Center

Director's Welcome

Our work at the Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education seeks to advance the quality of teaching based upon insights gained from the cognitive and neural sciences as well as contribute to research in this new and evolving field.  We build collaborative research relationships with schools, develop research trajectories that profit from the strengths of our faculty and students and maintain a working and teaching laboratory for researchers and graduate students.  The work of students and faculty seek to align practice, research and policy decisions at all levels. Our focus also extends to community partners interested in education and developing strategic partnerships to explore innovative ways to support learning in any context. The potential in understanding how the brain and mind support learning provides opportunity and insight for all, as well as a powerful framework for developing useable knowledge.  If such a future in MBE sounds compelling to you, come and join the work unfolding at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Center’s Mission

The Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education focuses on creating collaborative relationships between educators, policy makers, and researchers in the cognitive and developmental sciences. The Center seeks to identify, support, and expand promising research agendas at the intersection of mind, brain and education. Participants will find a forum that rigorously examines how advances in the neural and cognitive sciences can inform educational practice and leadership as well as a context where they can leverage practical experiences to identify and refine new research directions.