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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness

Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness is a program of the College of Education that promotes college access and career readiness directly among K-12 students, parents, and families. In keeping with the need for a skilled and educated workforce, the College of Education has aimed to increase the number of traditionally under-represented and minority students in post-secondary education. Pathways to College Access has been at the forefront of this effort through the following initiatives:

GO Centers

GO Centers are college-readiness offices located in high schools that provide and enhance opportunities for students to attend a college or university, regardless of ethnic background, country of origin, native language, or perceived academic abilities. GO Centers are staffed by first-generation, bilingual UTA students from different majors and classifications who are trained on how to meet the needs of a diverse student population. These staff mentor high school students, provide tutoring, and guide them through the process that leads to college enrollment.

Parent Workshops

To parents, Pathways to College Access offers free conferences year-round on a variety of topics related to college and career readiness. The presentations are delivered by experts such as counselors, financial advisors, and college professors, and are held both on our UTA campus and at local schools. In an effort to make our presentations accessible to a wider audience they are given in English and Spanish.

Early College Experiences

Pathways to College Access fosters college-going awareness and culture by providing a variety of early college experiences for students in our community. Pathways coordinates visits by UTA students to local elementary and middle schools to share their experiences as college students. We also provide opportunities to learn more about college life first-hand through tours and summer camps held at The University of Texas at Arlington and other institutions.

Identifying Community-Specific Needs

Pathways to College Access works with local agencies and community partners to identify educational needs related to college access and career readiness, and to implement strategies to meet these needs. Areas of emphasis include lowering the student/counselor ratio, bringing the college-going culture to students in all grade levels, and providing training to teachers and counselors at local schools, among others.

Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness uses evidence-based research to evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives, to strengthen our programs and efforts, and to suggest future directions for research, teaching and service through data.

Our work is generously sponsored by our partners:
JP Morgan Chase
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
US Department of Education
Higher Education Servicing Corporation
University of Texas at Arlington and the College of Education