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ELPS Field Resources

This is the page for ELPS Field Experience Resources. This page consists of two sections: Principal and Superintendent. Please make sure the resources you download are for your program!

Policy for Taking TExES Examinations

Information for Out-of-State Students Who Complete the Accelerated Online Programs

If you are seeking certification in your state, please remember that because you completed your practicum outside of Texas, you are not eligible for a Texas state certification. However, because you completed all other course requirements as those completed by in-state students who do meet Texas certification requirements, you may be eligible for certification or licensure in your own State. If seeking certification outside of Texas, please work with your State’s certification or licensure office to complete any additional requirements.

Please note that upon successful completion of your program, you will be provided a memo indicating your successful completion of the program. That memo along with your official transcripts, may provide the appropriate documentation needed in your state.

For Principal Field Supervisors

UTA Principal Field Supervisors will receive training materials, blank forms, and directions through the Office of AO Field Supervision.

For Principal Mentors/Site Supervisors

Superintendent Program Field Resources

For Supt Cooperating Administrators
For Supt Field Supervisors
For Supt Students