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Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Day Submission Form

Interested in participating in ELPS Research Day?

The program committee for the ELPS Research Day enthusiastically invites proposals for session presentations. This event provides ELPS graduate students the opportunity to share completed research in a formal PowerPoint presentation or a poster format, or new and ongoing research, more informally, as a round table.

ELPS Research Day: March 6, 2016

Proposals Due: December 18, 2015

Acceptance notifications will be sent early February 2016

Session specifics:

The session presentation should be based on completed or ongoing empirical research. You will have the opportunity to state which presentation type (i.e., formal presentation, poster, or roundtable) you prefer on the proposal form. However, final planning decisions will be made by the Proposal Review Committee.

Formal presentations allow presenters 10-12 minutes to share the findings of completed work. Presentation should include: problem, theory, research questions, methods, findings, and implications. (Power point recommended, but not necessary.)

Poster presentations include all key sections of a research presentation (problem, research questions, theory, methods, findings, and implications) in a visual format. Excellent way to present completed research. Posters can be made in the UTA library. Standard size is typically 36 inches x 48 inches or 42 inches x 60 inches.

Round Tables provide an opportunity for two to four presenters who share a common research interest to be grouped together at a table to discuss their work. Other participants are invited to come share in the conversation on that topic. Excellent opportunity to discuss new or ongoing research.

Break-Out Sessions (possible themes/topics)

  • Policy
  • Leadership
  • Dissertation & Proposal (discussion, prep & writing)
  • K-16 Issues
  • Methods: Qualitative
  • Methods: Quantitative

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