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Graduate Advising

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Science Education

Total hours: 30

Core Requirement: Curriculum (12 credit hours)
EDUC 5305 Effective Teaching and Learning for 21st Century EC-12 Students
EDUC 5309 Advanced Teaching Modelsd for Diverse Learners
EDUC 5394 Understanding and Designing Classroom Resarch
EDUC 5397 Implementing and Disseminating Classroom Research (Capstone)
Support Area/Concentration (18 credit hours)

Six courses to be selected from one of the Science areas below. Students who want to take courses in more than one area must first seek approval of their faculty advisor.

Option 1: Non-Elective K-12 Science Content and Curriculum Emphasis - Accelerated Online Program only
SCED 5351 Physical Science: Properties and Changes in Matter
SCED 5352 Physical Science: Force and Energy
SCED 5353 Earth Science: Structures, Movement and Changes in Earth and Space
SCED 5354 Earth Science: Water Properties, Distribution, the Water Cycle, and Weather
SCED 5355 Life Science: Unity and Diversity of Life and Life Processes
SCED 5356 Life Science: Cycles in Nature, Adaptations, and Environmental Science
Option 2: Elective Science Content Courses - On Campus only
Integrated Science
SCIE 5301 Contemporary Science
SCIE 5371 Cell and Molecular Biology
SCIE 5372 Structure and Function of Organisms
SCIE 5373 Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity
SCIE 5374 Laboratory Methods
*BIOL 5310 Selected Topics in Biology


SCIE 5307 Integrated Physics and Chemistry: Chemistry
SCIE 5355 Principles of Chemistry I
SCIE 5356 Principles of Chemistry II
SCIE 5357 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry
SCIE 5358 Laboratory Problems in Chemistry


SCIE 5330 Earth Systems, Part I
SCIE 5331 Earth Systems, Part II
SCIE 5332 Earth Resources and the Environment
SCIE 5335 Laboratory Methods
SCIE 5365 Topics in Geology


SCIE 5308 Integrated Physics and Chemistry: Physics
SCIE 5321 Mechanics, Heat, and Wave Motion
SCIE 5322 Electricity, Magnetism, Circuits, and Optics
SCIE 5323 Modern Physics
SCIE 5329 Laboratory Techniques in Physics
*PHYS 5391 Special Topics in Physics

Environmental Science

EDUC 5359 Environmental Science for Elementary and Secondary Teachers
EVSE 5309 Environmental Systems: Biological Aspects 1
*EVSE 5310 Environmental Systems: Chemical Aspects 1
*EVSE 5311 Environmental Systems: Geological Aspects 1
EVSE 5320 Environmental Toxicology
EVSE 5321 Environmental Health
EVSE 5350 Contaminant Hydrogeology (also listed as GEOL 5330)
BIOL 5345 Limnology
BIOL 5350 Conservation Biology
BIOL 5351 Environmental Microbiology
CE 5321 Engineering for Environmental Scientists
CHEM 5461 Instrumental Analysis
GEOL 5328 Hydrogeology
Science Education: Post-secondary Emphasis
53XX Any six BIOL, CHEM, CIRP, GEOL, PHYS, CE, or EVSE courses at or above the 5300 level except for courses listed in the K-8 emphasis above. Courses should be chosen in consultation with program director.

Program of Work

Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work. This will plot out what courses you will take each semester until you complete the program.