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Graduate Advising

Mind, Brain and Education


The following coursework for the Master of Education in Mind, Brain and Education allows students to explore as well as critically and rigorously examine the strength and promise of ideas presented as neural or cognitive in nature when applied to educational contexts.

Total 30 hours Non-Thesis

7 Core Course Requirements: 21 Hours
EDUC 5360 Introduction to Mind, Brain, and Education
EDUC 5361 Introduction to Educational Neuroscience
EDUC 5362 The Neuroscience of Typical and Atypical Language Development
EDUC 5363 The Neuroscience of Typical and Atypical Development of Mathematical and Reasoning Ability
EDUC 5366 Evaluating and Debunking Educational Interventions
EDUC 5367 Research Methods in MBE
EDUC 5368 Conducting Research in Mind, Brain, and Education: Capstone Course
At the Beginning of the 2nd Semester:
Identify Supervising Professor and Plan Electives

Select 3 Elective: 9 hours

KINE 5305 Applied Statistical Principles in Kinesiology
EDUC 5390 Selected Topics in Education: Methods of Assessment
EDUC 5390 Selected Topics in Education: Emotion and Learning
EDUC 5390 Selected Topics in Education: Varies
EDUC 5391 Independent Research
EDUC 5396 EEG Laboratory and Experimental Design
PSYC 5313 Higher Mental Processes
PSYC 5314 Cognitive Development
PSYC 5333 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 5345 Human Learning and Memory
PSYC 6343 Cognitive Neuropsychology
PSYC 6338 Neural and Cognitive Modeling
PSYC 6300 Seminar in Psychology
SOCW 5301 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SOCW 6392 Topic: Brain and Behavior
By the End of 1st Year:
Define scope of Capstone Project with Supervising Professor