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Graduate Advising

Master of Education, Principal Certification

Total hours: 30

Core Courses (12 credit hours)
EDAD 5322 Educational Research and Evaluation
EDAD 5360 Leadership Theory
EDAD 5380 Diversity and Equity in Education
EDAD 5399 Capstone Practicum
Principal Certificate Emphasis Courses (18 credit hours)
EDAD 5305 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
EDAD 5330 Leadership in the Instructional Setting
EDAD 5381 Political & Legal Aspects of Education
EDAD 5383 The Principalship
EDAD 5384 Resource Management in Education
EDAD 5389 Administrative Practicum

Transfer Coursework

  • Transfers are not accepted for EDAD 5360, 5381, 5383, 5384, 5330 or for Internships.
  • No more than 9 credit hours may be transferred.
  • Courses must be equivalent to a course in the program, be 5 years old or less and show a grade of 'B' or better.
  • All transfer hours must be approved by the program director and the Office of Graduate Studies.

Certification Requirements

The following requirements must be met to be approved for principal certification.

  • Holds or has held a standard teacher certificate.
  • Has had a minimum of two creditable years of classroom teaching experience. A teacher service record must sent from the school district directly do the director of certification via US Postal Service. Creditable years is defined as having been completed in an accredited school district. Out of state internship may qualify provided it was done within a school accredited by that state.
  • Holds a Master's degree. The degree must be conferred, which can take several weeks after graduation.
  • Has completed an approved administrative internship.
  • Has completed an approved program designed for meeting the certification requirements. All coursework must be completed and grades must be posted.
  • Has passed the TExES Standard Principal Certificate Exam (limit of four retakes).

TExES Exam

Candidates are approved to take the TExES Principal Exam (limit of four retakes)

  • After passing grades have been posted for EDAD 5360, 5381, 5383, 5384 and 5330, or if they are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed EDAD 5399
  • If they have scored 80% on the Principal Practice Test.


Candidates must pass all appropriate state exams (limit of four retests) and apply for appropriate state certification(s) with the State Board for Educator Certification/Texas Education Agency within six months of the completion of their student/clinical teaching or practicum program. If a candidate allows the six month period to go by without passing all state exams and applying for certification, additional coursework and/or state exams will be required for recommendation for certification. Additional coursework will be determined by the appropriate Program Coordinator in consultation with faculty.

All students, including those enrolled in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies master’s program, must meet qualifications specified in Texas Administrative Code §227.10 in order to participate in educator preparation programs.

We do not recommend students for probationary certificates.