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College of Education News

Professors from College of Education and CAPPA awarded grant

Drs. Peggy Semingson (Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education) and David Coursey (Public Affairs) have been awarded an Academic Partnerships Faculty Research Grant for their upcoming research project “Safety Nets: Peer Mentoring, Predictive Analytics, and using Nudge-Based Emails for Online Student Success, Personalized Learning, and Teacher Presence” in the amount of $8900. This competitively awarded grant will fund quasi-experimental research in using peer coaches and innovative “nudging” techniques via Civitas to increase student retention, graduation rates, and general success in both MPA and literacy studies classes. They aim to publish at national and international conferences as well as publish in visible national publication venues.

Peggy Semingson is an associate professor of Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Texas at Arlington where she teaches online courses in Literacy Studies and researches digital teaching and learning in K-16+ contexts. Her research interests include digital pedagogies in K-12 and higher education spaces, innovations in media-based learning, online learning, and literacy teacher education.

David Coursey is Director of the Public Administration program, associate professor of public affairs, and Chair of the Faculty Senate at The University of Texas at Arlington where he teaches in and directs separate online, hybrid, and traditional campus graduate programs.