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UTA attendance a family tradition

For Janet Martin and her family, the University of Texas at Arlington represents more than an educational institution. Attendance at UTA has become a family tradition.

It all began with Janet and her now-husband, G. Nicholas (Nick) Martin. Nick enrolled at UTA in the fall of 1978, and Janet arrived in 1980. They actually met on campus. Nick later returned to UTA for his Masters in Engineering in the early 90s.

The next generation of UTA students in the Martin family arrived on campus in 2008, when Nick and Janet’s son Kyle began attending classes. Their daughter, Elizabeth, followed beginning in 2010, and their second daughter, Emily J. Martin Ware, began classes at UTA in the fall of 2011. Their daughter-in-law, Meagan Kauffmann Martin, attended from the fall of 2010.

“Yes, we had a graduate in 2014, 2015, and 2016!” said Janet.

In January 2019, Janet and her daughter Emily joined the Masters program in the College of Education. Janet finished her Masters in Educational Leadership in May of this year, and Emily will finish this summer.

“This, including my daughter-in-law, makes nine degrees so far,” said Janet. “However, my 4th child, Caleb, is currently finishing his freshman year as a music education major at UTA.”

Emily’s path to a career in teaching began in high school.

“Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian,” she said. “But I realized in high school this was not for me. I knew I loved working with kids at my church, so I decided to try Ready, Set, Teach my senior year. I loved working with the students, seeing their excitement when they understood, but mostly I loved the relationships with them. I knew then that teaching was for me.”

For Janet, a career in education wasn’t a difficult choice at all. Nor was returning to UTA and the College of Education.

“I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was in 2nd grade,” she said. “But the music department at UTA definitely influenced my decision to teach music!”

the martin family
L to R: Kyle, Meagan, Caleb, Kelvin (HS 10th Grade), Janet, Nick, Emily, Austin (son-in-law/did not attend), Elizabeth and Josh (son-in-law/did not attend).