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Accelerated Online Seven-Week Course Rationale Statement

Friday, June 16, 2017


Dear Students in UTA College of Education M.Ed. Accelerated Online Courses,

As you know, we are in the process of changing our Accelerated Online M.Ed. courses from a five-week format to a seven-week format. This will result in two seven-week course sessions offered during each 16-week semester. There are several very good reasons for doing this. First, longer courses provide a better environment for learning and you will also have more time to complete assignments. Research supports longer courses in that students have deeper learning, more time to process information, and greater interactions with peers and instructors (Ferguson & DeFelice, 2010; Goosens et al., 2016). Second, there are logistical advantages for this change. You will only have to keep track of deadlines, register, and pay for courses twice in a semester rather than three times. Third, you may still qualify for full financial aid by taking nine hours in a semester, two courses in one half of the semester and one course in the other half, depending on your program.

Please bear in mind that that there will be some scheduling differences across programs. You may have the option of taking two courses concurrently. You should make every effort to follow your course map very carefully and stay in close touch with your program advisor. Not taking courses according to your course map may delay your course progression and graduation. We recognize that you are all very busy, balancing your professional responsibilities with the many other aspects of your lives. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this transition period and fully expect that this new format will soon prove to be a smoother and more effective structure for our Accelerated Online courses.

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