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COEd’s Dr. Mohan Pant awarded UTA Libraries grant

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


mohan pantDr. Mohan Pant has been awarded a grant by UTA’s Coalition for Alternative Resources in Education for Students (CARES), a grant program created and administered by UTA Libraries to help fund quality scholarship published by UTA faculty.

UTA Libraries are joining other academic libraries and universities in support of open educational resources (OER), free educational materials licensed to allow for revision and reuse. These materials may take the form of textbooks, video materials, quizzes and other learning modules. Open textbooks created under this program are reviewed by faculty from a number of colleges and universities in order to assess their quality. OER aims to reduce financial barriers to student success.

Dr. Pant’s project is titled “Educational Statistics Using R and R Commander”. According to the project description, “The proposed textbook will employ an inductive reasoning approach to teach concepts of statistics using data from education. The text will introduce R (free statistical software) and R commander (a graphical interface for R) to assist learners with graphing and analyzing data.”

“One of the advantages of implementing this OER is to help students save money that otherwise would be spent on buying expensive textbooks and statistical software packages,” said Dr. Pant. “Another advantage of this OER is that it will contribute to the profession of teaching educational statistics as it will be available to other institutions of higher education through Open Textbook Library and interested faculty teaching similar courses can adopt it. Thus, this OER may impact a larger community of learners and teachers.”

He says the OER will be available in both online and on-campus offerings for courses in Educational Research Methods beginning in the Spring 2018 semester.

Dr. Mohan D. Pant is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UTA where he teaches courses in research methodology. His research interests are in the fields of applied mathematics and statistics, statistical computing, educational statistics, secondary data analyses and Bayesian statistics. He has taught at UTA since 2012.

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