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Mind, Brain and Education student recognized for paper

Thursday, November 2, 2017


awardA student from the College of Education’s Southwest Center for Mind, Brain and Education has been recognized at an international conference on computer science education.

John Ramirez received the award for Best Paper by Student at a Master or PhD Program at the 8th Annual CSEIT (Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology) International Conference in Singapore in October. The topic of his paper was “Correlation between Machine Translation and Readability Algorithms”.

“The research was about the use of AI when translating documents from two languages and how it correlates with the readability level,” said Ramirez. “As a bilingual teacher I have to use this resource as a tool for instruction and I noticed certain variations between the level reader necessary to comprehend both documents. In other words, why in some cases the original document can be easier to read translated that in the original form?

“Mind, Brain and Education is deeply involved in how we learn using neuroscience’s resources for a better education, hoping to create a closer bridge between what we know about the brain and how we educate people. This paper is an example of how we use technology to teach, and the difference about how a computer processes information in relationship with how the brain process information.”

CSEIT 2016 provides a forum and opportunity for delegates from Partner Universities from multiple countries to share their research, practice and educational initiatives with an international audience.


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