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Education alum demonstrates new data system to student teachers

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Student teachers under the guidance of Dr. Diane Galloway had the opportunity in February to learn and experience a system for utilizing student data from one of their own.

Jeremy Beckwith, M.Ed., currently teaches 5th grade math and science at Donna Sheppard Intermediate School in Mansfield. For the past two years, Beckwith and his team have been developing a system for using targeted assessment data to provide students with a customized learning experience based on their individual needs, adapting and growing the system based on the needs of the students in their classrooms.

“Instead of providing every student with the same learning experience, we customize their specific experience based upon their specific needs,” Beckwith explains. “We use short, targeted assessments to give us the information we need to make decisions on whether or not students need more small group or one on one instruction, more practice at a given skill, or enrichment opportunities because they have mastered the skill and need something more challenging. The ultimate goal is to provide a completely customized learning experience from start to finish for every student.”

Beckwith is no stranger to The University of Texas at Arlington or the College of Education. He graduated from UTA in 2013 with a bachelor of science in interdisciplinary studies. In 2015, he earned a masters of education in educational leadership and policy studies from the College of Education. He also serves on the college advisory council. Beckwith has returned to campus a number of times since graduation, eager to give new teachers a head start as they prepare to enter the classroom.

“This is actually my sixth opportunity to come back and speak to students at UTA,” Beckwith says. “I’ve had the chance to talk about a range of topics from how to survive your first year, cooperative learning, project based learning, and now using data effectively to differentiate for individual student needs.

"I love coming back and investing in students that will one day be my peers. The more collaboration that can be generated from teachers in the profession and students hoping to enter the profession, the better educators those students will be.”

jeremy beckwith

College of Education alumnus Jeremy Beckwith speaks with student teachers

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