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Undergraduate Advising

Clearance Orientation Registration

Advising Orientation Form- Fall 2019

This orientation is only required for EC-6 and Mid-Level students entering the Education program in the Fall 2019 cohort. You will obtain clearance for your education courses in the days after orientation.

They are offered March-August of the year students plan to begin the program. You must meet at least GPA (2.75) and be TSI Complete before before registering and attending.

If you do not meet GPA and/or TSI Complete at this time, please wait to register for an orientation after you meet both requirements.

Choose an Orientation date

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that by registering for this education orientation I

1) am an EC6 or Mid-level student starting program in Fall 2019,

2) already meet 2.75 GPA and required TSI Complete status and...

3) know it is possible to reduce core/content hours by end of Summer 2018

4) understand that I won't be cleared for any education course until after I've attended this orientation.

**Also, since the program only begins in the fall semester, you CANNOT take any education courses in the summer before the fall begins.

Please allow up to four business days for a response.

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