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About Us

About Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi was founded March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois. Organized to recognize excellence in education, Kappa Delta Pi elects those to membership who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and promise in teaching and allied professions. The Society encourages improvement, distinction in achievement, and contributions to education.

The Xi Alpha Chapter has been at The University of Texas at Arlington since April 29, 1977. It is our goal to recognize scholarship and enhance the professional development of our members.

Membership in Kappa Delta Pi signifies more than a well-deserved line on a resume. Members have the responsibility as a recognized honor student and honored educator to maintain the high ideals of the Society and to extend its influence.

Persons elected to membership remain members for life; however, active membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues. The Society’s goal is to provide resources and services at each stage of members’ careers.

Society Facts

Society Ideals

Fidelity to Humanity

Society Motto

The motto of the Society is Knowledge-Duty-Power. So to teach that our words inspire a will to learn; so to serve that each day may enhance the growth of exploring minds; so to live that we may guide young and old to know the truth and love the right. To the fulfillment of these objectives, we pledge our efforts and our faith.

Society Emblem

The emblem of the Society is the key in the form of a scroll pierced by a stylus, upon which scroll are imposed a beehive and the letters ΚΔΠ.

Society Colors

The colors of the Society are jade green and violet.

Society Flower

The official flower of the Society is the violet.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you...

  • Receive four issues of the KDP Record each year when you renew your membership after the first year;
  • Receive four issues of the New Teacher Advocate FREE as a first-year member;
  • Grow as an educator through regional and national conferences;
  • Access teacher resources through KDP Online;
  • Benefit from job-hunting tips and tools;
  • Network with other educators in your career phase;
  • Save with discounted services and publications;
  • Find the information you need on hot issues in education;
  • Tap into more than $100,000 in scholarships and teacher classroom grants; and
  • Connect with National Teachers of the Year through the Teacher Hotline.

Your membership is an investment in your career!

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