UTA’s Visual Communication Design Program Nationally Ranked

February 25, 2020

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The Visual Communication Design Program of the Art and Art History Department has recently learned of new national rankings that reflect the hard work and dedication of its students and faculty and the program’s resultant excellence.


Seiji Ikeda and Ben Dolezal, both associate professors of visual communication design, were recently sent notification that the VCD program has once again received very strong rankings within the state, region, and nation. Animation Career Review ranked UTA’s program in the top 50 of schools nationally for undergraduate programs, which is in the top 7%. This ranking continues a long history of acknowledgements for the success of the undergraduate degree program. Chair of the Department of Art and Art History, Dr. August Jordan Davis, in praising the faculty and students of the program stated, “We are so thrilled with these excellent results in ranking for our VCD program. We are very proud of all the hard work in our department and the internal and external recognition it is receiving.”




Despite the relative newness of the graduate degree in visual communication design offered by the Art and Art History Department, it also received very high marks for programs offering a Master of Fine Arts degree -- “Top 25 nationally among schools offering a Graphic Design MFA.” Professor Ikeda commented, “We are also proud of our MFA terminal degree program in the top 25 nationally (UTA #24). It is our first time to be on this list, so we are very excited!” As Ben Dolezal added, “The newest ranking that we received (that was not present 4 years ago) was the Top 25 Nationally Ranked MFA Program in Design. This is definitely news worth sharing.”


According to the publishers of the 2020 Graphic Design School Rankings, this was their sixth annual publication of rankings for graphic design programs. Over 700 schools with programs from across the US were considered using a variety of criteria for this year's rankings. Those criteria include: academic reputation; admission selectivity; depth and breadth of the program; value as it relates to tuition and indebtedness.


UT-Arlington's rankings were:


Top 50 Nationally (#44, top 7%)

Top 40 Nationally among Public Schools and Colleges (#21, top 8%)

Top 10 in the Southwest (#6, top 9%)

Top 10 in Texas (#4)

Top 25 Nationally among schools offering a Graphic Design MFA (#24)


You can find the rankings here: https://www.animationcareerreview.com/articles/2020-graphic-design-school-rankings

 You can find ranking criteria here: https://www.animationcareerreview.com/background-info-and-criteria-college-rankings

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