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College of Engineering

Engineering continues to expand horizons, contributing to the betterment of society in innumerable ways. You will contribute to knowledge through data-driven discovery, make an impact on the environment on a global stage, improve health and the human condition, and help create sustainable urban communities.

Our college is expanding its reach in the state, the nation, and around the world. We are engineering the future of North Texas.

As you graduate and get ready to go out into the world, I ask you to do something for me: Wherever your career may take you, be a champion for UTA. Speak up in support of us and be proud of where you came from. Stay connected and be a resource to future generations of UTA engineering students as they seek guidance and a job. Show our community that we are THE College of Engineering in North Texas and encourage others to learn more about us. Congratulations, and good luck!

- Dean Peter E. Crouch