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Compliance Training

Logging in to UTA Training

Point your browser to

The UTA Training login page is displayed. Enter your UTA NetID and Password then click the Login button or press the Return key.

Note: Some UTA persons have more than one NetID. The training system requires that you login using your utaPrimaryAccount as defined in Cedar LDAP when you were enrolled for the training. If you are new to UTA, you will need to activate your NetID using the self service page before you can login to UTA Training.

Taking the Training

After logging in, your UTA Training Home Page will be displayed. Under the blue heading Training I'm Enrolled In you will see training that you have been enrolled to take. There can be more than one. Click the Open button for the training you are going to take. The training presentation will open in a separate window. The training content is delivered as a multimedia "Flash Player" file. You may get a message indicating that you need to install the Flash Player software if you don't already have it installed.

The training is presented as a series of slides. There are buttons in the lower right corner of the window for going to the next or previous slide. Typically, some of the slides may have questions. Be sure to answer each question. When provided, be sure to click the Submit button to send your responses to the training server to be recorded.

Completing Your Training Session

To insure your training session is recorded, please observe the following:

  • If you have been assigned to take more than one training, take only one training at a time. Sometimes having more than one training window opened at the same time may cause the training to not be correctly recorded.
  • Be sure to view each slide. Select and Submit your responses to questions. Sometimes there are additional slides after the last question.
  • When you reach the last slide, close the browser window containing the training.
  • The browser window with your UTA Training Home Page should update showing you are no longer enrolled to take the training.
  • To verify you Passed the training, click the My Training link in the gray area at the top of the Home page. Click the Training I've Completed link. The training you just finished should show a Status of Passed. You will not be counted as having taken the training if the status is anything other than Passed.
  • Be sure to Logout when you are done (located at top right of gray area).

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