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MS in Exercise Science Degree Requirements

All students accepted into the Master of Science in Exercise Science will take a core of 21-semester hours of required KINE courses. In addition, all students are required to complete 36 hours for the the master's degree.

All M.S. students are initially accepted on the non-thesis track. The student’s academic advisor within the Department of Kinesiology will review transcripts of prospective students to determine what prerequisites are needed prior to enrollment in courses within the proposed program. If deficiencies are identified, a pre-program of study designed to prepare the student for graduate course prerequisites will be written and signed by the prospective student and the student’s graduate advisor.

Required Courses

  • KINE 5300 Research Methods
  • KINE 5305 Applied Statistics in Kinesiology -or- KINE 5376 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • KINE 5320 Advanced Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 5323 Motor Learning and Motor Control
  • KINE 5350 Applied Biomechanics

Complete one of the following:

  • KINE 5389 Research Manuscript Submission
  • KINE 5689 Thesis
  • KINE 5393 Physiology of Exercise Internship

Individual graduate advisors / research mentors may require additional courses.


  • KINE 5322 Metabolism & Exercise Biochemistry
  • KINE 5326 Cardiocirculatory Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 5327 Pulmonary Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 5328 Neuromuscular Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 5338 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations
  • KINE 5340 Environmental Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 5360 Fundamental Principles of Integrative Physiology
  • KINE 5393 Physiology of Exercise Internship
  • KINE 5394 Research in Kinesiology