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Public Health

The Passion to Make A Difference: Maverick Public Health

The Department of Kinesiology offers two public health programs: the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) and the Graduate Certificate in Public Health Practice.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Grounded in science and the study of human health, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) program will provide students multiple coursework and practice-based learning opportunities to explore the effects of urbanization on population health. Taking advantage of UTA's comprehensive academic resources, the proximity to other allied health professionals in our College of Nursing and Health Innovation, and our central geographic location in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, BSPH students will have extensive opportunities to practice and master the skills required for success in today's workforce as a professional in the field of Public Health.

UTA's BS in Public Health is a degree program that blends fundamental public health coursework with the flexibility to choose 20+ hours in electives. This program design allows students the opportunity to combine required courses with a broad selection of university-wide electives to create an academic pathway that aligns with their own individual interests and passions, culminating in an internship in a public health setting. In addition, the goals of the UTA Public Health program strongly align to the University’s Strategic Plan, having deep connections to each of the four themes.

Earning your Bachelor's degree in Public Health is the foundation you need to pursue public health careers that serve to improve health for all community populations. Public Health professionals work in a wide range of health-related settings including epidemiology research, biostatistics, consumer advocacy, policy consulting, community health education, non-profit advocacy and leadership, healthcare administration, occupational health and safety, emergency management, and local and state public health agencies. A map of some of the career possibilities is available here.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Practice

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health Practice is designed to prepare students who complete the program to apply fundamental public health skills in their professional fields. Public health training in the five core public health disciplines may complement students' current job skills, or provide students with new professional public health knowledge and career opportunities.

Courses are offered in an online/on-campus hybrid format: most coursework occurs online, complemented with two to three on-campus sessions. Students can take as few as one class a semester and complete the program within two years. Students who can make a larger academic and time commitment may take two classes per semester and finish the certificate in a year (fall-spring-summer semesters).

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Graduate Programs: Erin Carlson, DrPH, Associate Clinical Professor
Undergraduate Programs: Becky Garner, DrPH, CPH, Assistant Clinical Professor

Public Health Courses for Fall 2018

Undergraduate Courses - 2000 and 3000 Level

2000 and 3000 level Public Health program classes have no prerequisites - all majors are welcome!

  • KINE 2350 - Public Health: Principles & Populations
    What is Public Health? How does it work & why is it important?
  • KINE 3350 - Urbanization and Vulnerable Populations
    How does diversity influence the health of a community?
  • KINE 3351 - Public Health Informatics
    How can information technology be used for Public Health?
  • KINE 3352 - Introduction to Public Health Epidemiology
    How does Public Health & science protect the community from disease & epidemics?
  • KINE 3353 - Health & The Human Condition in the Global Community
    How has Public Health changed over time? What are the current issues?
  • KINE 3354 - Emergency Preparedness & Management
    How does Public Health support community responses to emergencies and disasters?
Undergraduate Courses - 4000 Level

4000 level classes in the Public Health core require KINE 2350 as a prerequisite and 60 credits or more for registration.

  • KINE 4351 – Ethical Practices in Health Professions
    What strategies are required for public health, health care, and other allied health care organizations to work together or individually to impact the health of a community?
  • KINE 4352 – Public Health Sciences and Methods
    How do Public Health professionals develop scientific concepts and research methods to address population health?
  • KINE 4355 – Communication for Public Health Professionals
    How is public health-specific communication related to the health literacy of populations? How is information communicated to address barriers and unique situations for vulnerable populations?
  • KINE 4357 – Preparation for the Public Health Workforce
    How do I prepare to be successful in the public health workplace? How do I develop professional communication and teamwork skills? A personal work ethic? Networking?
  • HEED 4311 – The Environment and Public Health
    How do environmental factors affect health from state, national and global perspectives?
Cross-Disciplinary Classes

The cross-disciplinary courses in this list are open to all majors.

  • HEED 3305 - Women's Health Issues
  • HEED 3330 - Consumer Health and Public Health Systems
  • HEED 4320 - Studies in Healthy Aging
    Requires 60 credits or more for Registration
  • MANA 4326 - Diversity in Organizations
    Requires 60 credits or more for Registration
Graduate Courses (Certificate Students)
  • KINE 5375 - Population Health
    Recommended for first-semester certificate graduate students.
  • KINE 5305 - Biostatistics

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