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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

The discipline of Exercise Science examines the body’s physiological responses to exercise, the role of regular physical activity in maintaining health and wellness, and the chronic health conditions that are associated with physical inactivity (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, obesity). Exercise Science professionals work in a variety of health-related settings, including cardiac rehabilitation, commercial and corporate fitness and wellness centers, health clubs, and research centers.

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree program is the largest program in the Department of Kinesiology, with over 600 majors as of Spring 2015. Students wishing to major in Exercise Science can choose from three degree plan options:

Both degree plan options require the completion of a clinical internship in an exercise science or health-related setting.

NEW: Public Health Track

Beginning Fall 2016, Public Health is a specialty track offered as part of a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. This exercise science-based degree track intersects individual health, wellness and prevention with population-based health perspectives, aligning well with the current climate in our society which is leaning toward more emphasis on prevention of chronic diseases. Students on this track may pursue allied health careers that serve to improve health for all community populations. Through an ongoing awareness, cultivation and assimilation of existing resources, the coursework and experiential learning associated with this degree track will enable students to join forces with community and academic partners in new and different ways, and to promote the humanitarian principles and essentials of social justice inherent in PH.

Clinical Health Professions Track

Earning your Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science on our Clinical Health Professions track is the foundation you need to further your education if you are interested in a health or allied health profession. By completing our degree, you can be ready to enter programs such as: Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Medical School, Dental School, Graduate School, and many other options.

Fitness/Wellness Track

Being healthy is so much more than not being sick. Our degree in Exercise Science on the Fitness/Wellness track prepares you to help others achieve their goals of having fit bodies built on healthy behaviors. By completing our degree, you can be ready for careers and programs such as: Strength and Conditioning (CSCS®), Personal Training (CPT), Corporate Fitness, Occupational Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Exercise Prescription, Graduate School options such as Athletic Training & Exercise Science, and many other options.