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DNP Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for application?

  1. Apply at
  2. Request all of your nursing transcripts and have them sent to the UT Arlington Office of Graduate Studies

We must have all of your materials before you can be considered for admission.

Application Deadlines

Fall – applications and supporting documents are due May 1st

How often will I be on campus?

One to three times a semester – all on Fridays. If you take two courses, one course would be 9 AM to 12 noon and the other 1 PM to 4 PM. Some courses will meet an additional date.

Is there an online DNP program?

Yes, for online DNP program information, see the accelerated online Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Are there any prerequisites to the DNP Program?

A graduate level statistics course is required for the DNP Program. This course is required for admission to the DNP program.

One convenient options for students who need this course is to take it from UTA. It is offered as NURS 6390, Special Topics: Statistics for Health Care. Your academic advisor can help you register for this course if you need it.

If you've already taken a graduate level statistics course, it can be transferred in. Please review our list of approved courses: click or tap here to see our list of approved courses.

What do you look at for admission?

GPA (MSN of 3.5), Work experience, Unencumbered RN License in any US State or Territory, graduate level statistics course.

Where do I apply?

Please go to:

What are the tuition and fees?

For more information go to:

Is there a waiting list?

Currently, there is not a waiting list.

How long will it take me to complete the DNP Program?

A student who can make a full-time commitment can complete the UTA DNP in as little as two years (six semesters). The DNP program is a total of 36 semester credit hours. 

What are practicum hours in the last two DNP courses N6620 and N6621?

The practicum courses are a culmination of your DNP coursework and include your DNP Scholarly Project. 1000 hours are required, however, up to 500 hours from the master's degree may be counted (subject to program approval).

Can I transfer doctoral credit hours from another program?

Doctoral hours do not transfer from one university to another.

What is the DNP Scholarly Project?

The Scholarly Project is the centerpiece that ties together all of your didactic and clinical work in the DNP program. The DNP Scholarly Project requires students to identify a gap in healthcare that needs change to improve health outcomes. This may be in their workplace or in the community. Once this gap is identified, students will do a systematic review to determine a solution. The last steps of the DNP scholarly project requires students to implement and evaluate the plan’s effectiveness. The course of study in the DNP program builds towards this goal, both to help students identify and refine their original ideas and to build the academic tools necessary to engage their ideas with rigor and scholarship. Completion of this program earns the Doctor of Nursing Practice and prepares graduates to analyze systems, identify problems and apply evidence based solutions to improve the outcomes of the people for whom they provide care. The findings will be presented to the academic community prior to graduation.

Do you have any examples of the DNP Scholarly Projects?

Click or tap here to see a list of examples.