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Nursing Research and Program Mentor Faculty

The following faculty are eligible to serve primary roles (committee chairs and research mentors) for doctoral students in the College of Nursing. Students should work with their research mentor to identify possible faculty to fill secondary roles (committee members, reviewers, etc.).

Use this list to help you identify possible research advisors for your PhD studies and dissertation work. The information on this page is meant to quickly orient you to areas of specialization and offers a brief description of research and expertise. More detailed information, such as CV, syllabi, courses, and publications can be found through the Mentis system, and profiles are linked below. Many faculty maintain webpages for their research laboratories and programs, and this is a rich source of information about a faculty member's active research activity.

Mentor Faculty

Dr. Marco Brotto
College of Nursing

- Area of Specialization: Muscle Physiology; Muscle Health & Disease
- Labs and Programs: The Dr. Marco Brotto Laboratory and Director of the Bone-Muscle Collaborative Sciences Group
- Current Research Focus: Bone-muscle crosstalk, Sarcopenia, Falls in Older Adults, Biomarkers of Muscle Health & Disease; Muscle Excitation-Contraction Coupling, New Devices for Bone-Muscle Health
- Additional Areas: Nursing Physiology, Cell and Molecular Approaches, Targeted Gene Arrays Muscle Fatigue, Pharmacology Approaches/Techniques, Animal Models for Aging, Bone, and Muscle Research
- UTA Mentis Profile

Dr. Mark Haykowsky
College of Nursing

- Area of Specialization: Clinical Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
- Lab: iCARE Laboratory, FitSteps Program
- Current Research Focus: Determinants of exercise intolerance across the heart failure continuum
- Additional Areas: Cardiac Mechanics; Cardiac (Exercise) Rehabilitation
- UTA Mentis Profile

Dr. Zui Pan
College of Nursing

- Lab: The Dr. Zui Pan Laboratory
- UTA Mentis Profile