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Why You Should Earn a PhD in Nursing

How will a PhD in Nursing benefit me?

There is a nursing faculty shortage and we need more PhD's in nursing to fill this need. A tremendous opportunity exists for those who seek to earn a PhD!

Do your goals include any of the following?

  • Joining a college or university faculty.
  • Being able to conduct independent research and having the skills to generate external funding for research and publications.
  • To undertake scholarly endeavors in nursing.
  • To generate and expand empirical, theoretical, and philosophical bases for nursing practice.
  • To provide leadership to the profession and a voice that represents nursing in the society.

If so, then a PhD in Nursing is your next, best step forward.

What is distinctive about UTA’s PhD in Nursing?

Health does not exist as a single dimension. Our Doctoral program reflects this reality through its unique interdisciplinary approach. We take advantage of all of the expertise in our College of Nursing and Health Innovation: many trained and experienced nurse researchers are part of our program, and also physiologists, biomechanists, and exercise physiologists. Our College has researchers who are making advances in the areas of hypertension, women's health, education, and simulation research, as well as new discoveries in cardiac function and chronic kidney disease, and expanding our basic science knowledge of cancer, of bones and blood, and muscle physiology. Members of our faculty are making a difference through research in areas such as developmental motor cognition in children, using technology to enhance the lives of senior citizens, and improving schools through physical activity, and applying that knowledge through programs that are impacting our community right now.

We offer this rich, diverse and active base as the foundation of UTA’s Nursing PhD program.

What is the difference between the DNP and PhD in Nursing?

The PhD is focused on research. A PhD program, first and foremost, prepares the student to function as a scholarly academic researcher. Those with PhD degrees work to add new knowledge to the existing body of scholarship through research, and pass that knowledge on as educators and scholars. 

The DNP is focused on practice. Nurses, especially Nurse Practitioners, who desire to practice nursing at its highest level will find value in the DNP. Students of this program practice the implementation of evidence-based healthcare in selected populations, expand and mature their leadership capability, and learn the skills needed to conduct clinical research to evaluate care and promote evidence-based practice.