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CONHI Faculty Selected for 2017 IRP Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Larry Nelson, Kinesiology, and Dr. Zui Pan, Nursing, for their part in submitting successful Interdisciplinary Research Program proposals.

This year, 24 Interdisciplinary Research Program proposals were submitted by faculty researchers at UTA. Through a competitive review process 3 of these 24 proposals were selected for funding, and 2 of the 3 proposals include CONHI faculty, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Pan. Our strong showing in the IRP process demonstrates the strength of our faculty in undertaking collaborative, interdisciplinary projects that further research at the University in unique ways. We wish Dr. Nelson and Dr. Pan the best as they undertake their projects over the next year.

Funded 2017 IRP Projects
Dr. Larry Nelson

GOE! Pilot Testing a Community Gardening and Outdoor Engagement Intervention to Reduce Health Disparities among Homeless Youth – Courtney Conley, Larry Nelson, David Hopman

Dr. Zui Pan

Mathematical Modeling of Dynamics of Calcium Codes for Drugs Evaluation – Benito Chen, Hristo Kojouharov, Zui Pan

T-cell mimicking nanoparticles for targeted delivery of chemo-drugs to effectively treat melanoma – Kytai Nguyen, Vinay Abhyankar, Jean Gao, Jon Weidanz