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UTA professor shows the future of regenerative bone materials

Venu Varanasi, an associate professor of nursing, recently led a team of researchers in the demonstration of a new method that paves the way for live 3D printing of regenerative bone materials inside the human cranium.

The regenerative bone materials are designed to repair severe traumatic injuries.

The demonstration, which took place earlier this spring at the 47th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research, was the first of its kind. Together with his team, Varanasi, who joined UTA’s faculty in April, showed how the current use of plastic or metal implants to heal cranial injuries can be replaced using an approach similar to that of dentists putting in fillings. The researchers demonstrated the possibility of printing bone-scaffold substitutes that are the exact dimensions of the damaged bone during surgery. Researchers tested several nanobiosilica-based 3D scaffolds with 3D-printing properties.

The researchers ultimately hope to help heal bone defects and fractures in record time.