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Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Research and Evaluation Team


Dr. Priscila Caçola

Dr. Kyrah K. Brown
Assistant Professor,
Public Health Program,
Department of Kinesiology

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Research Team Office: Physical Education Building, Room 101

Why We Study Maternal and Child Health

Each one of our stories begins with a pregnancy, and this beginning is universal to the human experience. From this common beginning, however, mothers and children follow many different paths that shape their health and well-being, but these paths are not always equitable. The evidence is clear: when it comes to the health of mothers and children, their race matters. Their economic status matters. In a particular city, their zip code may matter. The language that they speak matters. These factors, and others, point out maternal and child health disparities that continue to persist in our society.

We believe that these health disparities are, in large part, avoidable. It is possible, through research, collaboration, and strategies that engage both the individual and the communities that they live in, for us to promote health equity and reduce health disparities, to improve the health of mothers and children.

About the Team

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Research and Evaluation Team collaborates with communities to conduct participatory research and evaluation dedicated to improving the conditions in which people are born, live, work, and age. Our group aims to promote health equity through evidence. For us, this means producing empirical evidence that aids in dismantling the complex, interrelated barriers that contribute to persistent, avoidable disparities in maternal and child health. We believe that transformative, sustainable change requires (1) collaborative, equitable academic-community partnerships, (2) strategies that address multiple levels beyond the individual, (3) the recognition and leveraging of existing community strengths, and (4) an investment in strengthening the community's capacity to understand and engage in research efforts.

Research Interests

The primary research focus of the MCH Research and Evaluation Team is to investigate the individual, community, and systems-level factors that shape women’s health and birth outcomes across the life course; and understand how these complex interactions can be addressed to reduce racial disparities.

Research interests include:

  • Racial disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Racial disparities in infant/child health (infant mortality and morbidity)
  • Optimizing the health of women (and girls) across the lifecourse (before, during, and after pregnancy)
  • Health services research
  • Evaluation capacity building (ECB) in Public Health and MCH Workforce
  • Community-Based Participatory Research

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Evaluation Consultation

We use our expertise in evaluation to partner with health organizations and coalitions that need to evaluate program efficiency and effectiveness. Click or tap here for more information.