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integrated CArdiovascular exercise physiology and REhabilitation (iCARE) Laboratory

Dr. Mark Haykowsky

Lab Director: Dr. Mark Haykowsky
Professor and Moritz Chair in Geriatrics,
College of Nursing and Health Innovation

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The overarching theme of my research program is to examine the biological mechanisms for the decline in health-related fitness and function in individuals at risk for or with heart failure and reduced or preserved ejection fraction, and role of exercise training to restore cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function, and quality of life. A second research focus is in the Cardio-Oncology field with specific focus on the role of exercise training to prevent cardiovascular deconditioning and cardiac toxicity associated with anti-cancer therapy. A final focus is sport cardiology and cardiac mechanics and ventricular interaction during exercise in athletes.

Ongoing research projects conducted in the iCARE Laboratory seek to further our understanding in these focus areas.

Lab Members

Wesley Tucker PhD RD - Postdoctoral Fellow

Wesley Tucker PhD RD

Wesley was born and raised in South Africa. His natural golf talent earned him a prestigious scholarship to North Carolina State University, where he majored in Nutrition Science. During this time, Wesley caught the "research bug" and went on to pursue an MSc in Human Nutrition at Arizona State University (ASU, 2012), followed by a PhD in Exercise Physiology (2016). Dr. Tucker is affiliated with both the iCARE lab and Dr. Mike Nelson's Applied Physiology and Advanced Imaging lab.

Rhys Beaudry - PhD Student

Rhys Beaudry

Rhys Beaudry is a PhD student in the iCARE lab and also serves as Clinical Coordinator for UTA's FitSTEPS program. He hails from Canada and his primary research focus is cardio-oncology.

Lab Location

The iCARE lab is located in the Engineering Research Building on the UTA campus.

UTA Maps: Engineering Research Building

Visitors should make arrangements with the lab for parking ahead of time, as UTA requires all parked vehicles to be registered in the parking system (regular or visitor).


Scene from the iCare Lab
Dr. Mark Haykowsky, lab member and graduate student Rhys Beaudry, and a research volunteer conduct a study in the iCARE laboratory.