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Pan Lab - Publications, Complete List

Complete list of Full Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals (in chronological order):

  1. Tan C, Gu L, Pan Z. 组合式数显直读光栅光谱仪 (Digital Composite Grating Spectrometer). Physics Experimentation (Chinese) 1993; 04: 27-28
  2. Guo M, Pan Z and Wang H. Establishment of Hybridoma Secreting anti-Mycobacteria Monoclonal Antibody by using Electrofusion Technique. Microbiology Acta (Chinese) 1998; 38(5): 393-395
  3. Pan Z and Chen J. A Mechanism Underlying Stimulation and Inhibition of Protein Kinase C by LysoPC: A Role of Membrane Physical State.  Science in China (Series C) 1998; 41(6): 584-591
  4. Jiang J, Pan Z, Chen J and Huang F. Interaction Between PKC and Sphingomyelin/ Cholesterol.  Cell Biology International 1999; 23(7): 457-463
  5. Jiang Y, Pan Z, Chen J, and Huang F. Purification Caveolae from Mouse Lungs with Non-detergent Method. Science Bulletin (Chinese) 1999; 44(3): 403-407
  6. Hayek SM, Zhao J, Bhat M, Xu X, Nagaraj R, Pan Z, Takeshima H, Ma J. The negatively charged region of the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor is involved in Ca2+-dependent regulation of the Ca2+ release channel. FEBS Letters. 1999; 461: 157-164
  7. Pan Z, Damron D, Nieminen AL, Bhat MB, Ma J. Depletion of Intracellular Ca2+ by Caffeine and Ryanodine Induces Apoptosis of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Transfected with Ryanodine Receptor. J. Biol. Chem. 2000; 275(26): 19978-19984
  8. Pan Z, Bhat MB, Nieminen AL, Ma J. Synergistic movements of Ca2+ and Bax in cells undergoing apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. 2001; 276: 32257-32263  
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  10. Shin DW, Pan Z, Bandyopadhyay A, Bhat MB, Kim DH, Ma J. Calcineurin-Dependent Dephosphorylation of Ryanodine Receptor Down-Regulates Activity of the Ca2+ Release Channel in Skeletal MuscleBiophys. J. 2002; 83 (11): 2539-2549.
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  22. Lin PH, Pan Z, Zheng L, Li N, Danielpour D, Ma JJ. Overexpression of Bax sensitizes prostate cancer cells to TGF-beta induced apoptosis. Cell Res. 2005; 15(3):160-6. 
  23. Uzumcu, M, Pan Z, Chu Y, Kuhn PE, Zachow RJ. Immunolocalization of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) system in the rat ovary and the anti-apoptotic effect of HGF in rat granulosa cells in vitro. Reproduction 2006; 132(2):291-9.
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Book Chapters:

  • Zui Pan, Sangyong Choi, Yanhong Luo. 2018. Methods Molecular Biology, Vol. 1843; Book Title: The CRAC Channel (ISBN: 978-1-4939-8702-3); Chapter 4, Mn2+ Quenching Assay for Store-Operated Calcium Entry.


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