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College of Nursing and Health Innovation | The University of Texas at ArlingtonCollege of Nursing and Health Innovation | The University of Texas at Arlington


Touching Lives. Transforming Health Care.

Smart Hospital Outcomes and Benefits


  • Improved quality of care and patient safety
  • Standardized performance outcomes
  • Confident and competent graduates
  • Graduates ready for workforce entry

Research and Development

  • Flagship for patient simulation research
  • Development and test site for
  • Healthcare environmental design
  • Healthcare products
  • Best practices
  • Translational research
  • Vendor demonstration and clinical trial site

Economic and Workforce Development

  • Increased numbers of BSN prepared RNs
  • Increased numbers of advanced practice nurses
  • Certification programs validating clinical competence
  • Hands-on refresher training
  • Distance education for rural providers
  • Certification programs for allied healthcare providers
  • Regional site for interprofessional training

Disaster and Emergency Response

  • Community training
  • Interprofessional emergency response training and certification
  • Surge capacity