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PhD Mentoring Program

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Nursing and Health Innovation PhD program. Having been a student, protégé, and mentor, I think that the mentoring program provides the needed assistance to succeed. Since the beginning of the mentoring program in 2003, conversations with mentors and protégés have added strength to not only the mentoring program, but the PhD nursing program. One aspect that I am especially interested in is the idea of Cascade Mentoring where graduates of the program or students later in the program offer mentoring to the newer students. The cascade mentoring provides a different type of encouragement from those that have been there before.

My desire for you as a potential student or current student is that you will succeed and enjoy the experience of becoming a nurse scientist. I look forward to meeting each of you and helping you to find a mentor to assist you in reaching your full potential during this transition in your career

Why do we recommend mentoring as part of the PhD program experience?

  • Mentors offer a support system provided by people who "have been there" and those that are going through the experience with you.
  • Mentors provide an opportunity for students to network, share ideas and information, and to receive support as they progress through the program. There may be other opportunities that you and your mentor may share (publishing, connections, and fun) throughout your relationship.

During the program, activities are held that provide opportunities for collaboration with faculty and with other students and even just some time to have a little fun together with your cohorts. Communication with students and mentors is on-going to extend the support needed for a positive academic experience.

The brief survey students complete at the beginning of the program assists us in selecting a faculty member and/or external professional resource persons who have interests and expertise that match the students' area of focus.

We encourage you to explore this site and review some ideas on how to deal with juggling all you have to do to meet your educational goals. If you have tips and tricks to share, just let us know! I am available to assist you throughout the program. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes for your academic success,
Dr. Susan Baxley, PhD, RN
Director, PhD Mentoring Program

Reach Dr. Baxley via email at:

A Brief Presentation on Mentoring

Click here to download a brief presentation on mentoring, prepared by Dr. Baxley.

A Working Definition of Mentoring

“Long term relationships with persons who have accomplished goals to which the student aspires; mentor provides advice, contacts, and professional guidance, often in conjunction with emotional/moral support.”

Cason, C.L., Bond, M. L., Gleason-Wynn, P., Coggin, C., Lopez, M., & Trevino, E. (2008) Perceived barriers and needed supports for today’s Hispanic students in Health Professions: Voices of seasoned Hispanic healthcare professionals. Hispanic Health Care International, 6(1), 41-50.

“Mentoring is an interpersonal process that takes place between a trained, seasoned mentor and a novice protégé. After accounting for cultural differences, mentoring entails providing emotional support, sharing knowledge and experience, role-modeling, and guidance.”

Mijares, L., Baxley, S. & Bond, M.L. (2013). Guiding hands: A concept analysis of mentoring. Journal of Theory Construction and Testing 17(1), 27.