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Teachers' Comments

“I just wanted to let you know again how much our fifth graders enjoyed the program led by the Science Ambassadors. We saw students who we have difficulty engaging on the edge of their seats throughout the show!” -- Ms. R, Joshua ISD

“In all my years of teaching, this was by far my favorite field trip. Thank you for the work you do to educate our students.” -- Ms T., Aledo ISD

“Today everyone in my school is talking about the wonderful program the students presented yesterday night. Thank you so much, they were wonderful!” – Ms. W, Arlington ISD

“We are writing about our experience yesterday. The kids keep going to the paper bin to get more and more paper to get it all down on paper. Even my reluctant writer is busy.” -- Ms. D, Aledo ISD

“You made our field trip a memorable learning experience. The children all came away wanting to be scientists. That is good teaching!” – Team Teachers, Arlington ISD