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Kids' Comments

“It was so exciting I want to go back. Now I love science so much I want to stay in school until I learn everything there is to know about science.” – Devin

“I liked the part where Mr. B put bubbles on his hand and they caught his hand on fire. Except he didn’t burn himself. Which is a good thing.” – Cecilia

“I wish I could go every day.” – Alan

“The Science Ambassadors were really awesome. I liked it so much that I want to be a Science Ambassador also when I grow up.” – Arianna

“When they poured smoke all over the floor and the smoke reached my feet I got goose bumps all over my body. It was still awesome.” – Tori

“I was so shocked when you started doing all kinds of unbelievable experiments. Now I want to learn more and more about science experiments.” -- Samantha

“My eyes could not believe it, and all of us really had a blast! I loved everything you did.” -- Daisy

“I thought that stuff was impossible, but I guess I stand corrected. They make me think science is cool.” -- Cameron

“Thank you for lighting Mr. U on fire.” – Tony