Center for Post-Soviet
East European Studies

221 Hammond Hall
University of Texas at Arlington

The Center for Post-Soviet and East European Studies was
established in 1968 to coordinate all activities involving U.T. Arlington with that portion of Eastern Europe formerly designated as "Other Socialist Countries" as well as with the former USSR, including the three Baltic Republics and the 12 Commonwealth of Independent States.

The center performs five basic functions:
-- Research areas include academic, political, linguistic, and economic activities.
-- Interdisciplinary classes have been and are constantly being developed integrating several disciplines such as history, political science, and Russian; or Russian and English.
-- English to Russian, Russian to English, or other translations at a reasonable fee are prepared, edited, and computerized at the request of commercial or academic clients.
-- Exchange programs have been effected between U.T.
Arlington and countries such as Russia, the former Yugoslavia, Romania, and Ukraine. In addition, the Director of the center serves as the official International Research Exchange IIREX) representative. Numbers former republics of the former USSR annually participate in the IREX program.
Study Abroad
-- Since 1970 annual programs have been developed by the center. At present, travel and study programs are conducted during the first half of each summer to the former Soviet Union and during the last half of the summer to the Peoples Republic of China.
Online Resources
-- Professor Cichock maintains the Post-Soviet and Eastern European resources for the center.
For more information, contact an associated member of the faculty:

space Professor Charles McDowell
Director of the center, Professor of Foreign Languages
221 Hammond Hall, U.T.A.
Tel: (817) 272-2388, Fax: (817) 272- 5147

space Professor Mark Cichock
Professor of Political Science
410 University Hall, U.T.A.
Tel: (817) 272-3995, Fax: (817) 272- 2525

space Professor Dennis Reinhartz
Professor of History
348 University Hall, U.T.A.
Tel: (817) 272-2907, Fax: (817) 272- 2852


Center for Post-Soviet and East European Studies, UTA, Box 19557, Arlington, TX 76019
Phone (817) 272-2388, Fax (817) 272-5408

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