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College of Business

MARK 3322

Personal Selling and Sales Management

Students learn sales principles and skills required by today’s professional salesperson. In the class, current approaches to a variety of selling and sales management challenges including making effective, persuasive, and ethical presentations and the impact of management activity such as motivation and performance evaluation of an effective sales force were discussed. Students Discussed the contributions of personal selling and sales management to the marketing process with focus on the strategic use of the sales force.

Service-Learning Project: This exercise will focus on your development of a Marketing plan for Maverick athletics. It will emphasize some of the business and professional skills you must develop before you leave UT ARLINGTON. You will be presenting, as a consultant, bidding for all UT Arlington intercollegiate promotional activity. This means you will have to develop a working knowledge of Maverick athletics. This was a team assignment that requires crafting of various elements of a marketing/promotion plan and product proposal that you will use in your presentation to Maverick Athletics representatives.

Course Instructor

Dr. Larry Chonko

Dr. Larry Chonko
Professor Chonko is author or co-author of 15 books. He has also served as editor of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. Author […]

SUST 6303

PhD Service-Learning Colloquium in Sustainability

Review of service-learning methods for achieving sustainability.

Service Learning Project: Sustainability Resource Center Proposal.

Preparation of detailed proposal for the creation of a Sustainability Resource Center in Downtown Fort Worth in association with the UTA Fort Worth Center and multiple community partners. The UTA/Fort Worth Sustainability Resource Center (UTA/FW SRC) will be a hands-on educational facility for the local community, schools, city officials, and professionals to experience sustainable methods and materials. The SRC will focus on relationships between local community partners and The University at Arlington’s Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies - Sustainability track, as a place for builders, architects, contractors, and developers to observe and learn about the latest green building technologies. The community will use the Center for Sustainability to obtain knowledge regarding green practices that they can implement in their lives, including making their homes more energy efficient. The Sustainability Resource Center will also host field trips for pre-kindergarten through college level students educating them as to the importance of being green, and on the latest sustainable practices. The UTA/FW SRC will be a self-sufficient, non-profit entity that will provide on-going educational opportunities, where Sustainability focused graduate students will staff the facility and provide guidance to visitors.

OPMA 5361


Introduction to concepts and problem-solving techniques important in production management and operations management. Topics include demand forecasting, capacity management, resource allocation, inventory management, supply chain management, quality control, and project management.

Service Learning Project: Improving Operations at Arlington Boys & Girls Club

The Arlington Boys and Girls Club is experiencing an increase in average daily attendance. As a result, there is insufficient staff to provide transportation services and deliver programs to the kids. The current staffing level is inadequate, particularly in times of peak demand. This service-learning project reviewed the characteristics of demand and the constraints on capacity to develop recommended changes that could help the club meet this increase in attendance. For the Kromer Branch, this project also analyzed the timing of transportation needs, size of vehicles, distance from clubs to schools, and routes taken by drivers.