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Dr. Kathleen Tice

Assistant Professor, Literacy Studies
College of Education

UT Arlington Faculty

Kathleen Tice worked as a classroom teacher in the inner city of Houston ISD. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in reading and in English education. She taught students at Austin Community and at St. Edward’s University, including working with migrant high-school students through Rural Upward Bound. Subsequently, she taught at the University of Illinois, where she also conducted research at the Center for the Study of Reading. She currently works in teacher education at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Service Learning Class

LIST 4374 Literacy Learning in the Elementary School: Literature and Language ‐ This is an undergraduate course that focuses upon children’s literature. Prospective teachers engage in reading, writing, and discussion to become familiar with quality literature for children as well as sound ways to share literature with children in classrooms.

Academic Outcomes

  • Read a wide range of quality literature that meets the interests and needs of youth
  • Write and discuss to present literature and personal responses to a literary work
  • Know how to use various media to locate and evaluate literature for youth
  • Develop a data base of excellent fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that can be shared win classrooms
  • Provide reading aloud and authentic response experiences for youth
  • Describe how authentic classroom experiences with literature foster students’ growth in all areas of the language arts, particularly in regard to standards at the national and state levels

Service Learning Project

Literary Livewires: Bringing Children and Books Together

Rather than having an entire-class project, this course features projects that fit under the common theme of bringing children and books together in sound ways. Through one project, students in LIST 4374 at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) help develop content for a Web site that educators could use. The Web site could help educators locate excellent literature to share with children, such as books for units in science and social studies or books for bilingual students. A facet of the project includes working with students of Dr. Mary French, who teaches courses in technical writing in the English department. The students of Dr. French will learn as they provide the service of developing the Web site for the students in LIST 4374 who provide the content.

Through another project, UTA students in LIST 4374 are going to meet over a period of three weeks with students in HEB ISD to read and discuss a novel, working in small groups/literary circles, akin to experiences of book clubs. The middle-school students are enrolled in courses in Hindi or Mandarin, which is part of the International Business Initiative in HEB ISD under the direction of Bhavani Parpani. Gaining global perspectives is a goal of the International Business Initiative, and the UTA students can foster students’ gaining global perspectives as they read/ have conversations about a novel set in Afghanistan and Pakistan by an award-winning author. The students in HEB ISD provide a service in helping students at UTA learn about teaching.

Teams and responsibilities and Partners:

  • UTA students and faculty in education and English in developing a Web site for educators
  • Students and faculty in HEB ISD and UTA in reading and responding to literature that can broaden global perspectives

Product/Result: (Grant/Brochure/Celebration/Student Reflection/etc.)

Students will maintain journals during the experience and will write to reflect upon the entire experience. Each group will share their project with others in the course. A Web site will be shared with other educators. Oral and written reports will be provided to HEB ISD faculty and administrators.