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Dr. Larry P. Nelson

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Director, Kinesiology Pedagogy Program
College of Education

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Nelson received a Ph. D. at the University of Northern Colorado in Sport Pedagogy and an MS in Pedagogy and BS in Exercise Science at Colorado State University. Larry began teaching at UT Arlington in 2004 and has been doing service learning since 1996. Dr. Nelson is the 2007-2008 Star Telegram Faculty Service Learning Award recipient for the University.

Future leaders cannot learn responsibility until given opportunities to be responsible. With that said, service learning offers a kind of transformational leadership that structures and empowers the moral change agents of tomorrow.

Service Learning Class

KINE 4320: TEACHNG SECONDARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Designed to synthesize the sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and exercise physiology, and to integrate the resulting principles with theories of motor learning and motor control as applied to exercise and sport performance. The course specifically aims to help candidates refine their understandings of curriculum theory as it applies to exercise concepts, wellness, outdoor education, and sport pedagogy. It focuses on program planning, instructional impact, organizational strategies, and leadership in secondary physical education settings.

Academic Outcomes

  • Understand the six curriculum models for physical education
  • Appreciate and apply effective instructional and management strategies in PE settings
  • Realize and practice the “ability-to-respond” to a variety of educational challenges (Responsibility)
  • Utilize heart-rate monitoring technology to assess physical activity behaviors
  • Collaborate, network, and communicate professionally with colleagues

Service Learning Project

Project HYPE - Helping Youth get Physically Educated

Childhood obesity is increasing throughout the nation at an alarming rate and has more than doubled in the last three decades leading to serious health conditions and rising premature mortality rates. Today, the national average of overweight children is 13 percent, and in Texas more than 25 percent of students 6-18 are considered overweight or obese. Even more alarming is 40% of 4th graders are already obese or at-risk for becoming obese in Texas. With that said, this particular service-learning project empowered 24 pre-service physical education teachers to collaborate, plan for, facilitate, and assess a “Field Day Obstacle Course” for 35 carefully selected 6th graders at Donna Sheppard Intermediate School. The primary goal of the project was to teach physical education leadership skills by empowering teachers to take more action and control for themselves in the face of a variety of real-world challenges.

Specific project objectives established by the teaching cohort for the participants included:

  1. Teaching Fitness can be Fun
    1. Teach children how to calculate and use target HR (i.e., Karvonen Formula)
    2. Teach children how to use heart-rate monitoring technology (POLAR watches)
    3. Exercise in target heart rate zone for at least 45 minutes
  2. Nutrition Education
    1. Teach food label reading
    2. Learn and apply the food pyramid and meal planning
    3. Teach impact of harmful foods (i.e. Coke experiment)
  3. Self and Social Development
    1. Facilitate team-building name games, ice-breaker initiatives, and group problem-solving activities
    2. Teach strategizing techniques and communication
  4. Incorporate Cross-Curricular Learning (Health, Math, Reading)
    1. Calculating heart-rate and “below, above, and in-zone” time measurements
    2. Reading, discussing, and solving game-situated questions/problems

Time Control Plan

8:00 Introduction (Name Tags/Teams/Mentor Introductions [5 teams of 7 kids & 2 mentors], Rules/Expectations/Full-Value Contract, Health/Fitness Info./Coke Experiment)

9:00 Team-Building (Bumpity-Bump-Bump, Speed Rabbit, Birthday Line-Up, Car-n-Driver/Mine Field, TP Game, Human Knot, Who Am I)…Break at 11am.

11:15 Team-Time (Review HR Monitors, Frisbee Golf Strategy, Obstacle Course Planning and Walk-Through, Map Reading, etc.)

12:00 Lunch Education and Eat: -Food Labels, Food Pyramid, Food Planning, Food-Relay Game, Eat…

1:30 Obstacle Course (Keypunch, Acid River, Nutrition Puzzle, B-Ball Shot, Spider’s Web, Frisbee Golf)

3:00 Debrief & Awards (In-Zone H.R. Award, Team MVP Awards, Most Improved Award, & Individual Event Awards)

* A story of the project is currently being run in the Mansfield Mirror Newspaper and a video documentary of the event is currently nearing completion.